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Using Cisco and Lync together

For many reasons you may find yourself trying to integrate Cisco UC and Microsoft Lync together into 1 cohesive system.  This could be the case for a number of reasons.  Perhaps 2 or more companies have merged, and you are trying to make the most of each units existing UC infrastructure.  Perhaps you have tried a phone / jabber / webex combo and found it completely inadequate for your business needs.  Perhaps you have users that can't function without a desk phone, and you wish to utilize your existing Cisco desk phones, instead of replacing the lot with a Lync Phone Edition desk phone.  

No matter how you arrived here, believe it or not, this is a fairly common deployment from what we see in the UC landscape.  Until recently there was a rather large hole in software that could adequately link the 2 technologies together.  Most required a desktop client be installed on every workstation to make the status from the phone side appear in Lync.  This was an IT department nightmare, and didn't scale well to many of the 500+ user type shops that would be using such a deployment.

The void needed to be filled, so we developed BOC LICC (Lync Integration for Cisco CallManager).

LICC is a server based solution that doesn't require any desktop installation.  It leverages Microsoft and Cisco SDKs to push Cisco call status into the Lync clients.  It gives administrators options like pushing Caller ID information in as well, or ignoring DND status.  LICC can be a permanent solution if you intend to run both platforms, or a temporary measure if you are a migrating from one to the other.

The resulting Lync clients then will display information as follows;

For a full demonstration visit our web site above.  Our sales team can get you a web demonstration or an on premise demonstration for you to run on your own hardware as well.

Doug Routledge, C# Lync, SQL, Exchange, UC Developer